Turf care applications

Our Turf Care Program consists of 6 applications that have been proven to work best in our area

Round 1

A special blend of pre-emergent Crabgrass Control with a nutrient rich fertilizer that includes a Natural Soil Simulates that help prepare the lawn for the upcoming season.

Round 2

This second application includes a post-emergent weed control and also a perfectly timed soil stimulant. This app is designed to knock out all spring weeds and make the grass pop with that desired green color.

Round 3

With the hot summer upon us this application is to ensure the insects, disease and fungus doesn’t take effect the lawn. A slow release summer fertilizer is also applied, to reach the desired feeding for the hot summer days.

Round 4

The 4th application is targeting all those hard to kill summer weeds. A very light soil stimulant has also been added.

Round 5

It time to start thinking about preparing the lawn for fall. An all liquid fertilizer is applied to help loosen the soil and allow O2 and H2O reach deep into the grass’s root system. This application also includes a follow up spot summer weed treatment.

Round 6

A winter fertilizer is applied to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to get through a long cold winter and will help ensure a beautiful spring green up the following season.