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Your Lawn is Our Battleground

We specialize in lawn care that goes beyond treatment. We treat each blade the same way we treat ourselves. With Respect.ย 

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With your vision and our help, your lawn can be the place for gatherings. Text us

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Know-how translates into knowing what to do

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Our products last and are backed by our guarntee

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Stout Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Our 6 step program ensures a green healthy weed free lawn all year.

tree & shrub care

This program will protect your trees and shrubs against insects, disease and provide the nutrients they need.

Outdoor Insect Control

Our outdoor insect control products are 100% organic, safe and effective for a long-lasting outdoor season.

permiter pest control

This is a 2 step approach to prevent bugs from entering the house.

lawn fungicide

Our 4 step approach helps to prevent and cure most lawn fungus.


We use an all natural product to discourage deer from damaging your trees, shrubs, and flower beds.

Spotted Lantern Fly Control

Our process includes 2 pre-emergent applications followed by a 2 post-emergent program.


We use a 80/20 blend of turf type tall fescue and Kentucky blue grass mix.


With this process the roots will grow deeper and have access to water and nutrients it never could before.

Lawn care is in my DNA and it's why I started Stout Lawn Care.

Our philosophy is simple

To give the best customer service in the business and provide our customers with a green, healthy and weed free lawn while still focussed on a sustainable future for you and the environment. ย 

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