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Having a tree and shrub care program that includes fertilization, insect damage treatment, and disease prevention is important for several reasons:

Plant Health: Trees and shrubs, like any living organisms, require proper care to thrive. Fertilization provides essential nutrients that may be lacking in the soil, ensuring the plants have what they need to grow and remain healthy. Treating insect damage and preventing diseases can help protect your plants from common threats that can otherwise weaken or kill them.

Cost Savings: Preventive care is often more cost-effective than dealing with plant problems after they’ve already become severe. Treating a disease early or addressing insect infestations promptly can save you money compared to the cost of removing and replacing damaged or dead trees and shrubs.

Environmental Benefits: Trees and shrubs provide various environmental benefits. They help filter the air, reduce carbon dioxide levels, and provide habitat for wildlife. Proper care ensures that they can continue to perform these functions effectively.

Ecosystem Health: Trees and shrubs are crucial components of local ecosystems. Their health can influence the well-being of other plants, animals, and microorganisms in your area. A care program that promotes the health of your trees and shrubs can have positive ripple effects throughout your local environment.

4 Step Tree and Shrub Care Program:

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