Top dressing

top dressing service

Top Dressing and over seeding is the absolute best way to renovate your lawn.  Top Dressing is the process of spreading a thin layer mix of top soil and compost or mushroom soil.  The layer is about 1/4 to 1/2 inch and is meant to amend the soil of your lawn while letting the existing grass grow through the top dressing material. This will improve soil conditions for your existing lawn while providing a good environment for new seed to germinate.


  • Improves Soil- Top dressing adds nutrients to your lawn organically and improves drainage.
  • Breaks Down Thatch- The top dressing material helps to break down the thatch layer in your lawn.
  • Levels Lawn- If you have areas of your lawn that are bumpy, top dressing is a great way to smooth out these areas.
  • Helps Seed Germinate- If over seeding your lawn, top dressing allows seed to make direct contact with soil which is best for germination.
  • Helps In Renovating Distressed Lawn- If there are bare spots in your lawn, or if your lawn is being crowded out by weeds, top dressing is your best bet for correcting soil conditions and incorporating new seed.

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