To Seed or Not to Seed???

Is it best to seed in the spring or the fall?   

Our suggestion really depends on the project at hand.   With that said, for most situations we would not recommend seeding in the spring and here is why…

It is the perfect time during the early spring months (March, April and May) to control weeds for the year. Applying a pre-emergent early in the spring is key to controlling your lawn’s nemesis, crabgrass!  Without this application, you will be fighting those pesky weeds all year long.  

Seeding in the spring can disrupt the timing and effectiveness of those pre-emergent applications.  Also, early spring is generally not recommended because the plant does not have time to develop the deep root system needed to survive the hot summer.    

Autumn has a great mix of warm soil and cool air which is ideal for seeding.  This also gives the plant enough time for the root system to develop ahead of the winter months.

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