Month: May 2022

Why are some of my grasses different colors?

The simple answer is, we live in a transition zone and that allows for multiple different types of grasses to survive and thrive during different times of the growing season. For instance, fescues, bluegrasses and rye-grasses prefer cool nights and warm days, which is aligned with our northeast climate. Now…with that being said, we do live in a “transition” zone. Sometimes, southern grasses can survive and thrive in our climate. Some examples of these grasses are zoysia, bent and Bermuda. Fortunately, not having a monoculture is a good thing. You want different types of grasses in your lawn at all times. This will prevent a total loss if something effects one type of grass.

To Bee or not to Bee

To Bee or not to Bee, that is the question. With April showers past us, it’s time for those beautiful May flowers. With those flowers comes the all important Bee. These guys and gals are busy pollinating away and making that delicious honey. Bees can be a nuisance but they are way more beneficial than bad. Here is a quick list to help identify these all important insects.

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