Why is mowing so important? It can be the most important determining factor in a successful lawn. Here are some tips we recommend:

1. MOW HIGH. We recommend 3.5” to 4” (this typically are the top 2 settings on your mower) The longer the grass , the deeper the roots grow, giving them better access to water and nutrients.

2. Don’t mow yet!! Give you grass a change to come fully out of its dormancy phase. Let it get a little shaggy, maybe your neighbors will look at you a little funny, but trust us. Give it an extra week or two and then mow on one of your highest settings.

3. Train your grass. Once you have the lawn at 3.5” or 4” keep it there! When the hot summer months start, switch you mowing to every other week (usually late June, July and August)

4. Sharp mower blades! Our recommendations is to buy an extra set and keep one set sharp at all times. Switch them out 2 times a year, spring and late summer. Sharp blades con reduce water loss and reduce the likelihood of disease by up to 25%.

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