MARCH? That seems a little early…

You might ask, “Chris, why are you doing an application today? It’s supposed to snow on Friday!”

This might be an extreme example; but it does bring up a good point. Why do we perform applications so early in the spring and even sometimes in the late winter? The answer is actually pretty simple. 

Soil temperatures

Weeds need a specific soil temperature to start their germination process. When we get our products down early enough, we can head off those weeds before our customers even see them!   Timing, plus an early application of pre-emergent with a nutrient rich fertilizer, leaves you with the perfect combination of food for your grass and soil….and the protection you’ll need to keep crabgrass and other invasive weeds out of the turf all year long.

Why aeration and seeding is so important

Aeration and seeding services are designed to loosen compacted soil by removing thousands of 2 to 3 inch plugs from the soil.  This allows nutrients and water to reach deeper into the soil’s ecosystem, allowing the roots to grow deeper than before. The result is a larger root mass and a thicker lawn.  Your lawn will also be overseeded with our premium Pennington’s seed at 4 to 5 lbs per 1,000 sqft.  We us a 90/10 blend of turf type tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass mix.  We use these two specific types of seed to ensure the best results.  Turf type tall fescue is a grass that grows in clumps and is more resistant to heat, insect and fungal damage.  The Kentucky blue grass is a trailing grass and is designed to fill in those pesky minor bare spots.  Both of these grass types will give you the deep green color that you desire. Most importantly, a healthy, thick lawn will help with the invasion of weeds in the next season.

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